EP7 – Chin Wag

Rose is driving solo on episode 7 of the Ukulele Highway Podcast. Just a good old fashioned chin wag. M.U.F. wrap up, other Ukulele adventures Rose has been on and plenty of music!

Track List

Artist Song Album
Ma Petite Man About the moon The Road That Led Me To Fall
Luke Seymoup Get hype/stay hype Uke Seymoup
Someone Else’s Wedding Band No Shovel Holes in our Hearts
Cousin Alice (written by Willie Dixon) Spoonful All in a Day
Stephan Merrit This Little Ukulele Eban & Charley
AJ Leonard Aire Stream Paradise Hotel

Melbourne Ukulele Festival wrap-up

Great Big Ukes (Yarra YUkers)

MUF 2019 YY@NUC1
Yarra YUkers, Northcote Uniting Church, M.U.F.

Chrissy Ukulele – https://chrissyukulele.com/

Karin Udovenya – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJqeaqVkC_o

Ma Petite – https://mapetitemusic.bandcamp.com/

Melbourne Ukulele Kollective/Dean Denham – http://www.muk.com.au/

Mr.Silla – https://www.facebook.com/events/sub-scene-oslo/mr-silla-isl-einar-stray-orchestra-sgrow/314236889450911/

Tyrone & Lesley – https://tyroneandlesley.wordpress.com/

Warmwaters – https://lifeinthelongtail.wordpress.com/2015/05/21/beneath-the-surface-making-warmwaters-part-1/

Luke Seymoup – https://lukeseymoup.bandcamp.com/

Cyprian – http://www.cyprian.com.au/

Someone Else’s Wedding Band – https://someoneelsesweddingband.bandcamp.com/

Jason Someone Else's Wedding Band MUF Open Studio
Jason Someone Else’s Wedding Band MUF Open Studio

Cousin Alice – https://www.facebook.com/Cousin-Alice-76195934675/

Willie Dixon – http://www.willie-dixon.com/home.html

New Uke!

Pono Ukulele – http://koolauukulele.com/pono/

Lord Uke – http://www.lorduke.com/

Ukulele Craft

Instragram #ukulelehighway

Ukulele Facsinator

Peace, Love & Ukuleles

Islamic Museum of Australia

Peace, Love and Ukuleles, Islamic Museum of Australia