EP2 – Christine and Rose

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Rose and Christine take a trip on the Ukulele Highway. They listen to music, share facts and trivia and have a good laugh about all things ukulele.
Christine Parrott

Next up on this episode, an interview with Rose Turtle Ertler. Hear a poem written by Mohammad Ali Maleki and the song Rose Turtle Ertler wrote, inspired by Mohammad’s poem. Most importantly hear the stories behind them.RoseTurtleErtler
Rose Turtle Ertler

Ukulele Moonset – Tyrone & Lesley

St Kilda Ukulele Lovers League

Yarra YUkers

Aaron Keim – The Quiet American
Roxy’s Waltz – Fingerstyle Ukulele

Tonight You Belong to Me – Eddie Vedder & Cat Power, Ukulele Songs 2011

Warren Buffett – http://hearnebraska.org/feature/the-billionaire-and-the-ukulele-warren-buffetts-lifetime-investment-feature-story/

Andrew in Drag – The Magnetic Fields, Love at the Bottom of The Sea 2012

Angelina Stanton, Poet

Freedom Flotilla – Lake Eyre to West Papua

Black Orchid Stringband

Federal Republic of West Papua

Writing Through Fences

The Strong Sunflower – Illustrated book of Mohammad Ali Maleki’s poem

Gifts for Manus and Nauru

R.I.S.E. – Refugees, Survivors & Ex-Detainees

Letter Blitz (Combined Refugee Action Group)

Rose Turtle Ertler
Rebel Elders
Light at the End
Complimentary Caravan

In Mijn Caravan – Rose Turtle Ertler, Tryhard Trailer Trash 2004

Ukulele Highway is licensed to play music with an APRA mini-podcast license.

5 thoughts on “EP2 – Christine and Rose

  1. Also, I like the sound of Christine’s uke strap. Cool that you don’t need to drill a hole and attach a strap thingy at the base of the body! And if you want to learn more about Martin ukes then get in touch with local Martin uke officiando, Terry Chapman: youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/BeareTube/videos. Also is a wealth of knowledge about all things Cliff Edwards, who you simply must know!

    Some say I sound like Stephin Merritt, but I’m much more handsome. 😉

    Rose on Rose! What a great episode. Thank god for Rose Turtle!

    Are you going to talk to David Megarrity from Tyrone and Lesley? He’s very cool.

    Love ya


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