EP1 – Where the Ukulele Highway journey begins

How to listen

Dean Denham, Musical Director MUK
Dean Denham

Rose and Dr Andi (executive producer and adoring PodMother) pull out onto the highway for the first time and cruise through some ‘ukulele history, ephemera, a famous person who plays ‘ukulele by night, and a little about ourselves.

Then we take a sharp left and pull in for a beer with Dean Denham, Musical Director of Melbourne Ukulele Kollective. Listen to this episode to discover the Four Noble Truths of ‘ukulele playing!

Show notes…

Victoria Vox
Tugboat – Vox Ukulele Cello (2011)

Ukulele Death Squad
Not Afraid – (2018)

Soundcloud – Helen Garner on the Uke
Posted by TyroneUkulele (Tyrone & Lesley)

Helen Garner at 75: still asking, what powers the human heart? 23 Nov 2017
ABC Radio National. Conversations, with Richard Fidler, Sarah Kanowski

St Kilda Ukulele Lovers League

Ukuleles for Peace

Melbourne Ukulele Kollective (MUK)
Club MUK – Bar 303, 303 High Street, NORTHCOTE VIC 3070
Melbourne Ukulele Festival (MUF)

Brian Eno

Rita Braga
Millions of Reflections – Bird on the Moon (2018)

LouReed – Transformer

Amanda Palmer
Ukulele Anthem – (2011)

Executive Producer episode 1 of ‘Ukulele Highway was Dr Andi Horvath.
Ukulele Highway holds an APRA Online mini-license.

Intro/outro and other bits by Wanakita – Ukulele Interlude

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