A full tank of petrol and a bag of sugary lollies

I’ve set off on this journey and have a long road ahead. I’m full of hopes and dreams about the future of this podcast.

I hope the Ukulele Highway podcast will be a travel guide for ukulele devotees (like myself) who want to hear more about the ukulele. My dream is to create connections with the ukulele community around the world.

Here are some of things we plan to include on the podcast:

  1. Ukulele music
  2. Interviews
  3. Facts, trivia, history
  4. Did they really play uke?! – Famous people who aren’t famous for playing ukulele
  5. A competition for listeners
  6. Ukulele strikes a chord – favorite ukulele chords
  7. Uke spotting – accessories and ephemera
  8. Resources – to help improve your ukulele playing
  9. Fret about this and that – you, the listeners, have your say on ukulele matters
  10. Silliness!

Ta daaaa! Any thoughts? Contact me via the website, twitter or facebook (check the sidebar for details)…

Next week I’ll write about some of the great ukulele podcasts that are already out there, and what I enjoy about them. Perfect for long road trips!

On a sugar high…..vroom, vroom! Rose

Published by

Ukulele Highway

Rose is a ukulele player and crazy excited about everything it promises musically and the community it creates.

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