Hello from budding host of the Ukulele Highway podcast!

I’ve started on a journey to learn how to podcast. My plan is that by the end of September the very first episode of the Ukulele Highway podcast will be available for you to hear.

Over the next few weeks, thought I’d take the opportunity to share via this website:

  1. Hopes for the podcast
  2. Experiences while learning how to podcast
  3. The journeys that lead me and my co-hosts/guests to playing ukulele

In the next post I’ll talk about my hopes for the podcast and share some of the segments that we have been secretly planning!

To stay in contact:

  • Add your email address via the website
  • Follow #ukulelehighway1 on Twitter
  • Follow Ukulele Highway on Facebook
  • Email me via the Contact page or directly at Ukulele@iinet.net.au

I’m approaching the on ramp. Hope you’ll join me for the trip!

Vroom, vroom! Rose

Published by

Ukulele Highway

Rose is a ukulele player and crazy excited about everything it promises musically and the community it creates.

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