It’s a podcast about ukulele. It’s a destination for ukulele enthusiasts who want to hear more about the ukulele. It’s a journey that will connect the ukulele community. It’s the Ukulele Highway!

Rose, her co-hosts and guests take the road less traveled to discover the world of ukulele. We want to know everything about this magical instrument.

Ukulele Highway is the road to all things ukulele. Calling all members of the ukulele community to come along for the ride!

uke yellow rose


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Rose. Just want to say I really enjoyed your podcast. I tried to leave a review on iTunes but it didn’t publish. I will keep trying.


  2. Hi Rose. Loved the Podcast (but I listen on Android, so I can’t leave an iTunes rating, sorry).

    Forwarded it to my daughter in Brisbane.

    She couldn’t get Amanda Palmer’s “Anthem” out of her head.

    She is now on her way to purchasing her first uke.

    “Dammit, Dad!” she said. “Ukulele is a cult!”

    Oh yes indeed 😀


    1. Hi Andrew, Thanks so much for listening, for the feedback AND for spreading the word! Your daughter could get the chords for Ukulele Anthem from the web and make it the first song she plays! Hope you listen again when the next ep is released. 😀 Rose


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